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Kumbaya Kombucha

Fresh! Local! Delicious!

Our Bussiness works hard to maintain goals set by us, for you!

Eco Friendly

We enjoy sharing our wonderful, healthy products! Our process is always improving and we strive to be zero waste, cradle to cradle manufacturer.

Beneficial Corporation

We are a family owned business located in Thunder Bay Ontario and we are working towards Benefit Corporation status. We will be a Corporation who strives to better our local society, workers and the community with our business by putting the community first.


We strive to use the freshest fruits and ingredients in all of our products. From blueberries to oranges everything we use is sure to be fresh and delicious

Our Amazing Team

The team bringing you our business

Bryce Epp

Founder / Brewmaster

My love for kombucha and healthy delicious food has helped create the business we now operate.

Trudy Epp

Business Aid

Retired after more than two decades of work as a social worker with the Children's Aid Society of Thunder Bay, brings a great deal of experience in the community to her support of the business. She is enthusiastic about kombucha as a healthy alternative beverage and the range of flavours being developed. She is also very impressed by Bryce's determination that Kumbaya Kombucha Inc become a B Corp

Ernie Epp

Cheif Financial Officer

A Professor Emeritus of History at Lakehead University, serves as Chief Financial Officer. Having written his doctoral thesis on the corporate development that occurred in Canada more than a century ago, he is finding it very interesting to be involved in the development of a small company in Thunder Bay today. He is also eager to have the company work like a B Corp, even before it achieves certification as a Beneficial Corporation.

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